Variations on an Old French Song for two pianos, Op. 46 · Little Pieces for piano four hands, Op. 24 · Bagatelles, Op. 5
Tatjana Blome · Holger Groschopp

C5361 PC: 21 UPC: 845221053615

The renaissance of Walter Braunfels’ music is well under way. Interest in his work is picking up. As part of that happy development, it only makes sense that once recordings of Braunfels’ most public works had come out, it is now the turn of the less conspicuous works to shine. Starting right here, for example, with Braunfels’ compositions for piano, piano four hands, and two pianos. Although his solo and quadrodexterous piano compositions do not take primacy in his œuvre, they are an important aspect of the composer Braunfels who came, after all, from the piano.



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