Elisaveta Blumina · Peter Bruns
clair-obscur Saxophonquartett

C5369 PC: 21 UPC: 845221053691

Quintet for saxophone quartet and piano, Op. 89a
(authorized version of piano quintet op. 89 by Christoph Enzel)
Quartet for 4 saxophones, Op. 88a
(authorized version of string quartet op. 88)
Duo for alto saxophone and cello, Op. 99

At first glance, it might be surprising that a pianist born in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine, who went through the classical Russian school of pianists, should compose exclusively in the idiom of jazz. But jazz was more prevalent in the Soviet Union that might be supposed. Already in the 1930s, Oleg Ludstrem began appearing with his Big Band touring in the UDSSR. Later, Nikolai Kapustin worked for many years in this orchestra as a pianist and arranger. ‘What interests me most is the fusion between classical music and jazz, and between the classical form and the jazz idiom. Here, the classical portion has more weight for me. The jazz style is merely colour.’ (Nikolai Kapustin).



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