Dora Deliyska, piano

C5335 PC: 21 845221053356

Based on a thorough musical analysis, I have tried to make a selection of pieces that will not only respond musically to one another, but also represent part of an overarching concept, the structure of B-A-C-H. The core of my concept is based on the idea of how musical compositions, written in different centuries with different compositional styles, can find a connection between one another, giving rise to very new and unique reflections. This way, the three composers (Bach, Chopin, Shostakovich) ‘communicate’ with one another, mutually influencing their artistic ideas. Dora Deliyska

J. S. Bach: Prelude Nr.12, BWV 867, in B-flat minor · Schostakowitsch: Prelude  Nr. 16, in B-flat minor  · J. S. Bach: Fugue Nr.12, BWV 867, in in B-flat minor · Schostakowitsch: Prelude Nr. 21, in B-flat major · Fugue Nr. 21, in B-flat major
J. S. Bach: Prelude Nr. 20, BWV 889, in A-minor · Schostakowitsch: Prelude Nr.2 in A-minor – Fugue Nr.2, in  A minor · Chopin: Etude Nr.4, op. 25, in A minor · Etude Nr.11, op. 25, in A minor
Schostakowitsch: Prelude Nr.1, in C major / Fugue Nr.1, in C-major
J. S. Bach: Prelude Nr.1, BWV 846, in C-major · Chopin: Etude Nr. 1, op.10, in C-major · F. Chopin: Etude Nr. 12, op.25, in C-minor
Schostakowitsch: Prelude Nr.6, in B-minor · J. S. Bach: Prelude Nr.24, BWV 869, in B-minor Prelude Nr.24, BWV 893, in B-minor · Chopin: Etude Nr. 10, op. 25, in B-minor

DORA DELIYSKA, Klavier / piano

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