World Premiere Recording · The Piano Trios
Vilos Trio

C5220 PC: 21 845221052205

Trio for piano, violin and cello No. 3 DWV 64 (2009)
„For the Gustav Mahler Jubilee 2010 and 2011“
Trio for piano, violin and cello No. 2 DWV 52 (2008)
„Dedicated to Haydn“
Trio for piano, violin and cello No. 1 DWV 31 (2002)
Trio for piano, violin and cello No. 4 DWV 79 (2013) „Morning“
Dalia Dedinskaite, Violine / violin · Gleb Pyšniak, Violoncello / cello
Ole Christian Haagenrud, Klavier / piano
„I have the good fortune that I always really live in music“
Johanna Doderer studied composition in Graz with Beat Furrer (composition), later in Vienna with Klaus Peter Sattler (composition for film and media) and with Erich Urbanner (composition).
Her current work ranges broadly from Chamber Music to orchestral work and to meanwhile 6 operas.
“The classical instrumentation of a piano trio is a demanding task. It’s like a small orchestra. In terms of artistry, technique and knowledge, you have to be good enough to meet the sound a piano trio can produce. It’s absolute music.”
 „…Doderer cares about content, not about cheap effect. As she perfectly masters her writing, she is able to prove convincingly in her very densely written score, that even today you can still create intense music by using sound models deriving from the late romantic period, and which can be combined in an ideal way with forms of ‚minimal music’…“ (Die Presse)


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