HANNS EISLER: Leipzig Symphony Funeral Pieces · Nuit et brouillard

MDR-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig / Kammersymphonie Berlin
Jürgen Bruns

C5368 PC: 21 845221053684

HANNS EISLER (1898 – 1962)
World Premiere Recording
[1] – [4]
Leipziger Sinfonie (1959–1962; 1998)
Rekonstruiert und vervollständigt vonTilo Medek (1940-2006)
Leipzig Symphony (1959–1962; 1998)
reconstructed and completed by Tilo Medek (1940-2006)

[5] – [13] 
Trauerstücke aus Filmpartituren (1961–1962)
eingerichtet von Jürgen Bruns und Tobias Faßhauer (2015)
Funeral Pieces of Motion Picture Scores (1961–1962)
arranged by Jürgen Bruns and Tobias Faßhauer (2015) 

[14] – [26] 
Nuit et brouillard (1955)(Nacht und Nebel / Night and Fog) 
Original Motion Picture Score                                                                                    
MDR-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig (1-13)
Kammersymphonie Berlin (14-26)
RGEN BRUNSDirigent / conductor
In his late years Hanns Eisler concentrated more and more to compile his film music scores for the concert hall. That's the case also with his Leipzig Symphonywhich was not completed when he died. The that time young composer Thilo Medek recognized this gap and completed the symphony with different pieces out of Eislers film music scores.
The compilation of Funeral pieces from Film Music scoreshas been realized by Tobias Faßhauer and Jürgen Bruns in 2015. The scores uses film music from 1947/48 Hollywood movie So well remembered. Already at the end of 1955 Eisler wrote the music for the KZ Documentary Nuit et brouillard (Night and Fog) for the french movie director Alain Resnais (1922–2014). After many successful concert performances (with and without movie) this piece can be listened now the first time on CD.


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