#bruckner24 Symphony #8 (1890)

(Complete Versions Edition)
Bruckner Orchester Linz - Markus Poschner

C8081 PC: 21 UPC: 845221080819

This Complete Versions Edition includes all versions published or to be published under the auspices of the
Austrian National Library in the Neue Anton Bruckner Gesamtausgabe
(New Anton Bruckner Collected Works 

Anton Bruckner burst out of the confines of the cathedral using that most secular of musical forms, the symphony. The creator of some of the 19th century’s greatest orchestral music, Bruckner cut a singular figure among his contemporaries. This new complete Bruckner Symphonies edition from Capriccio reassesses these enduringly enigmatic and complex works. Presented by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz and the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, and featuring all 19 available versions, the cycle is scheduled for completion in 2024, Bruckner’s 200th birthday. The second release, of Symphony No. 8 (1890 version) is performed by Bruckner Orchestra Linz conducted by Markus Poschner.


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