Piano Trios

Zemlinsky · Bloch · Korngold
Pacific Trio

C5221 PC: 21 845221052212

Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in D Minor, op. 3 
ERNEST BLOCH (1880-1959)                  
Three Nocturnes for Piano, Violin and Cello
Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in D Major, op. 1 
Roger Wilkie, Violine / violin · John Walz, Violoncello / cello
Edith Orloff, Klavier / piano

Zemlinsky, Korngold and Bloch also shared the fate of so many other important musical voices of the early twentieth century when their music was banned, and their lives and careers upended, by the Nazi regime.  All three names can be found in the infamous Lexikon der Juden in der Musik, first published under the auspices of the Nazi Party in 1940. These policies, and others, created a rupture in the seamless heritage of German music, removing thousands of worthy works from performance, from publication and—for many— from posterity. It is the hope that musicians and music-lovers everywhere will hear these three works, and be intrigued to listen to—and to play—these and other chamber works by the many composers whose fortunes were curtailed by unfortunate timing on the stage of twentieth-century Europe. James Conlon

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