Schubert · Schreker · Korngold
Anne Schwanewilms, soprano · Charles Spencer, piano

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With his personality characterized by emotional extremes, Franz Schubert was in no position to evoke a perfectly wonderful world in his songs. On the contrary, in his compositions he challenged any fine illusion with a subtle and sensual touch. Unlike Franz Schubert, for a long time Franz Schreker managed to create an idyllic, wonderful and successful world with his compositions. Sometimes, he was even more successful as a composer than Richard Strauss, to the latter’s great chagrin. But then the Nazis came. Wonderful world, where are you?
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, he, too, a Jew, fled to the ‘brave new world’, to America.
Korngold achieved great fame with his film scores, but on the screen, everything is only a (fine) illusion.
Anne Schwanewilms

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