Hanns Eisler

Couplets · Ballads · Orchestral Suites · Die letzte Nacht
HK Gruber · Wolfram Berger · Klangforum Wien · Ensemble 'die reihe'

2CD C5434 PC: 22 UPC: 845221054346

“It would be worth striving towards a style that can combine the highest level of craftsmanship, originality, and high quality with the greatest popularity and folksiness.” – Hanns Eisler
This latest release in Capriccio's Hanns Eisler Edition contains songs and chansons from all periods of Eisler’s creative life. It also contains some of the fascinating orchestral suites that he had mostly assembled as adaptations of film scores from the 1930s. Notably, the programme contains the world premiere recording of his incidental music for Die letzte Nacht – the epilogue to Karl Kraus‘ monumental, satirical work The Last Days of Mankind. The mastermind behind this project was the great composer, conductor, and chansonnier HK Gruber, arguably one of the greatest authorities on Eisler.


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