Daniel Behle, tenor · Oliver Schnyder, piano

C5110 PC: 21 UPC: 845221051109

Seen from the outside it may seem as if everything has gone pretty fast; four CDs of songs within two years, a Zauberflöten-recording under René Jacobs and in addition, continuous opera- and concert engagements. In reality, what may now seem as a »breakthrough« has been prepared by Daniel Behle over the long term. Also, the plan to record pieces by Richard Strauss after songs by Schubert, Schumann, Beethoven, Grieg, Brittan and Trojahn has developed over the years. Thus, the singer systematically broadened his repertoire on the stages of opera houses and concert halls as well as on recordings. »I am a lyrical Tenor and as such, one just gets introduced to the Schöne Müllerin, later to the Dichterliebe and eventually to the Winterreise (although I allow myself more time for that one) in the course of one’s studies. At the moment I am quite happy to have opened another page besides the lightly lyrical: to dip into the late romantic era and to discover the outgoing, active and hands-on aspects of the period.«

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