Franz & Carl Doppler Edition Vol. 11/12

Ungarischer Hirtengesang · Souvenir de Pest · Csárdás · Magyar Népdalok
Claudi Arimany, János Bálint, Aleksandra Miletic, flutes

C5421 PC: 21 UPC: 845221054216

The Doppler brothers played a dominant role in the K&K Monarchy’s musical life as composers, conductors, musicians and as orchestral soloists. They were on good terms with acknowledged artists of the era, such as Ferenc Liszt, Ferenc Erkel, or Jozsef Bajza.
This is the eleventh release in a set of 12 CDs comprising the Dopplers' complete music for flute(s), including various arrangements. Flautist Claudi Arimany spent decades researching this project, inspiring many famous musicians to become involved in its realisation.


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