with: Reinhold Friedrich · Frank Dupree · Benedict Kloeckner · Sontraud Speidel · Martin Ostertag · Radiophilharmonie Saarbrücken

3CD-Set · C7367 PC: 23 UPC: 845221073675

The composers and educators Eugen Werner Velte and Wolfgang Rihm as well as alumni whose music is presented here demonstrate the characteristics of a school. The main function of an institution such as the University of Music Karlsruhe is first and foremost as a site for studies and second, a place for individual composition and pedagogic work. The Karlsruhe School is in no way a forced stylistic unit stubbornly passed along simultaneously as a solidified traditional framework. For 50 years, the University of Music Karlsruhe has radiated as a living,
recreative phenomenon of this artistic freedom, extending far into a shared future. In the music of alumni taught by Wolfgang Rihm, ideals of musical freedom and openness continue to resound in concrete form. Jörg Widmann, Rebecca Saunders and Markus Hechtle, among others, contribute to the further development of the unique Karlsruhe School at their professional homes.
Booklet-Errata zur CD „Velte. Rihm. Karlsruher Schule“
(Capriccio C7367,  UPC 845221073675)
•       Die Quelle des biographischen Texts von Eugen Werner Velte auf dem Seiten 18-20 sowie der englischen Fassung auf den Seiten 50-51 ist
(abgerufen am 18.12.2019)
•       Der Wikipedia-Text wurde für das Booklet von Sontraud Speidel geringfügig ergänzt, sie ist jedoch nicht die Autorin des Artikels.

Errata in the booklet of the CD „Velte. Rihm. Karlsruher Schule“
(Capriccio C7367,  UPC 845221073675)
•       The source of the biographical text about Eugen Werner Velte on pages 18-20 (german version) and pages 50-51 (english version) is
(accessed 2019-12-18)
•       The wikipedia text was slightly expanded for the booklet by Sontraud Speidel. However, she is not the orginal author of the full text.

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