Erich Wolfgang Korngold


C5252 (2CD) PC: PC 21 UPC: 845221052526

COMPACT DISC 1: So Gott und Papa will  · Sechs einfache Lieder op. 9 ·  Lieder des Abschieds op. 14 · Drei Lieder op. 18 · Nachts · Unvergänglichkeit op. 27 COMPACT DISC 2: aus: 6 einfache Lieder op. 9 Sommer (2nd version) · aus "Die tote Stadt" op. 12: Marietta's Lied · Tanzlied des Pierrot · Drei Lieder op 22 · Songs of the Clown op. 29 · Four Shakespeare Songs op. 31 · Fünf Lieder op. 38 · Sonett für Wien op. 41 · Einzelne Lieder
From his first attempts at composition, Erich Wolfgang Korngold wrote songs. The earliest surviving example – Der Knabe und das Veilchen  - dates from early 1905 when Korngold was just seven years old. It reveal the nascent style of the mature composer and is recorded here for the first time, together with a number of individual songs, only recently published.
Little songs for family birthdays, the Shakespeare lieder, written for various theatre productions by Max Reinhardt, the Kaiserin Zita-Hymne, up to Korngold’s final song Sonett für Wien Opus 41, composed in 1950, as a tribute to Vienna, the city of Korngold's youth, then in ruins after the war. As one of the last exponents of the Austro-Germanic lied which lasted almost two centuries, Korngold occupies a special place in that tradition, and his exceptional contributions are finally being rediscovered, after decades of neglect. This comprehensive recording is a further welcome step in the process.

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