Opera Complete Recording
Bo Skovhus · Vera-Lotte Boecker · Josh Lovell · Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper · Simone Young

2CD · C5460 PC: 22 UPC: 845221054605

‘I find myself increasingly occupied with matters of the human soul, its sublimation and spiritual abyss. Certainly my opera The Ocean Betrayed betrays this preoccupation. This music has been to Hades and back, with Monteverdi and myself.’ Hans-Werner Henze based the story for Das verratene Meer (‘The Sea Betrayed’) on Japanese writer Yuko Mishima’s 1963 novel, Gogo no Eiko (‘The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea’). The book offers an unsettling scenario ‘in which the struggle for normality is doomed to failure’. A young widow, Fusako, falls for a merchant navy officer, Ryuji, creating tension with her son, Noboru, who belongs to a violent gang that will exact revenge on the widow’s lover. Through symphonic interludes, the ‘angry, betrayed sea’ becomes the drama’s witness and its narrative voice in Henze’s painfully dark and brutal opera. 


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