Christine Schornsheim

Johann Abraham Peter Schulz
Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse

C5364 PC: 21 845221053639

Johann Abraham Peter Schulz (1747-1800)

[1] – [3]  Sonata per il Clavicembalo solo (1778) E-Dur / in E flat major, op. 2 
[4] – [9]  Six diverses pièces pour le clavecin ou le piano forte, op. 1
Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse (1774-1842)

[10]  Theme and Variations /Thema und Variationen
Hammerflügel / fortepiano (Melchior Guante, Münster / Westfalen, ca. 1800)
Christine Schornsheim has enthralled an enthusiastic audience for many years with an almost inexhaustible variety of sounds by different period keyboard instruments with which she feels at ease and with sheer unending musical imagination. Her passion an her intuition for rare repertoire presents us also on this album two composers which mostly worked and lifed in Danmark: The german composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz, who worked for many years in Kopenhagen and became almost famous with his Folk Songs, and his danish born pupil Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse. Virtuos piano compositions in the style, tradition and continuation of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. 

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